ClickCease Molded Plastic Shipping Cases (11 size options) – Portable Booths
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SKU: ST-6522

Molded Plastic Shipping Cases (11 size options)


Molded plastic shipping cases with wheels.  Cases are formed in two pieces similar to a shoe box and can be stacked and banded for bulk shipping.

Built-in wheels,1½" straps with nylon buckles,8"x12" label area,Steel, rubber-grip handle

65"x22"x9½" 39 lbs
53"x25½"x10" 34 lbs.
53"x15"x12" 25 lbs.
49½"x29"x7½" 35 lbs
45"x26"x9½" 28 lbs.
42"x30"x8" 30 lbs.
39"x26"x8" 25 lbs
39"x19¼"x5½" 20 lbs.  For banner stands.
36"x20"x12" 25 lbs.
31"x24"x4" 15 lbs.
30"x22"x8" 21 lbs