Giant Tumbling Tower Game $60.00

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Giant 100% Wood Block Tumbling Tower Game for Indoor / Outdoor Use! Great for Home, Business Meetings and promotions, Events, Trade Shows and More!

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Giant Tumbling Tower Game: $ 60.00 each

Pure Outdoor by Monoprice Giant Tumbling Tower Game

Great for family/Home use, Outdoor & Indoor Events, Tailgating, Business Events, Promotional Events, and Trade shows!  Yard Games

  • 100% Real Wood Stacking Blocks
  • Stacks from 2.5' high up to 5' high during play!
  • 56 7.5" x 2.5" x 1.5" Pine blocks
  • 2 extra blocks provided for the bottom row for added height
  • Zippered Carry and storage bag included


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