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SmartPak IQ Graphics Cases

The Smartpak IQ Graphics Cases are blow-molded to allow the use of a high density polyethylene, a stronger process than conventional rotational molded cases. Superior durability, along with exceptional handling features make Smartpak the most advanced graphics case ever designed. Case sizes are available in 12" and 16" diameters and lengths from 38" to 50" long. Don't settle for less when it comes to protecting your valuable graphics. Shipping of these cases by you to various destinations may incur oversize charges. Check with your carrier.

 SmartPak 12" diam. x 38" High Case, Rolled Graphic Height 37":  $ 160.00 ea. In Stock!

SmartPak 12" diam. x 50" High Case, Rolled Graphic Height 49":  $ 180.00 ea.  In Stock!

SmartPak 16" diam. x 42" High Case, Rolled Graphic Height 41":  $ 200.00 ea.  Available Soon!

SmartPak 16" diam. x 50" High Case, Rolled Graphic Height 49":  $ 225.00 ea.  Available Soon!

Call for Shipping estimates on 50"high cases


 Locks: German engineered locks for reliable security

  • Design: Cutaway, sculpted, and contoured to reduce overall bulk and add strength
  • Construction: Blow-Molded High Density Polyethylene
  • Colors: Blue Pearlescent Finish
  • Wheels: High Performance in-line skate wheels with sealed bearings
  • Carrying Strap: Detachable web with shoulder pad, black
  • Handles: Molded in

 **Some SmartPak Cases exceed typical shipping standards and fall into Oversize shipping categories. In these cases. dimensional weight rules apply. Please call us so we can estimate shipping costs to your destination. 

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